Apple TV “Hobby” Nets 1.4 Million Quarterly Sales

Apple TV

Apple executives have repeatedly referred to the Apple TV as a “hobby.” The possible reason for this moniker is good sales of Apple TV.

In October 2010, Apple sold 250,000 second-generation Apple TVs in a few weeks. And in late 2010, it was announced by Apple Inc that Apple TV was about to pass a million units sold. However, there was a conference call on Tuesday, 24 January 2012, where Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed the quarterly results of Apple with financial analysts.

When Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, questioned the future of Apple in TV Market, Tim Cook discussed the success of Apple TV. Munster had been suggesting for years that Apple was about to build its own TV set. Cook sidestepped that issue while talking to Munster.

About Apple TV, Tim Cook said:

“The Apple TV product is doing actually very well. In the last fiscal year that ended in September we sold a bit above 2.8 million units, and just in the past quarter we set a new quarterly record for Apple TV at over 1.4 million.”

This may sound impressive, but if we take a closer look at that period, then Apple sold 5 million Macs, 15 million iPods, 15 million iPads, and 37 million iPhones. Obviously, Apple TV was not the highest selling item from Apple. “In the scheme of things, if you [look at] the revenues, we still classify this as a hobby,” Cook said.

Give the fact that one Apple TV black box costs $99, 1.4 million Apple TVs would generate less than $140 million in revenue. One can get a clear picture by comparing this to $2.5 billion for the iPod, $6.6 billion for the Mac, $9 billion for the iPad, and $24 billion for the iPhone.

Source: Mac World

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