Apple TV just got a lot more interesting for cord-cutters supports PlayStation Vue.

The TV app aggregates video where different providers, a unified TV guides, previously did not integrate any live TV streaming bundles. If you want to watch cable channel programming guides, you need to download and log individual apps from networks like NBC and FX.

Those apps which do not support DVR where the PlayStation Vue does, and don’t always offer live TV feeds, in some cases requiring repeat login because don’t support Apple’s single sign-on feature. The whole thing just a hassle made with the TV app is easier to ignore.

PlayStation Vue starts at $45 per month where more than 45 channels, appears the first live TV stream service integrating with the TV app. (Hulu says it will also add TV app integration to its $40-per-month live TV service soon.) The access Vue’s on-demand shows, DVR content and live sports from the Apple TV’s default home screen, with the content from several other apps. With this one addition, is where Apple’s vision where the future of television seems a lot more complete.

One-stop shop

A PlayStation Vue app available on Apple TV since late 2016. The difference now Vue ties into Apple’s own centralized TV guide, pops up hitting the remote’s home button.

Why do you use the TV app instead of opening Vue directly?
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The one thing, the TV app lets browsing multiple stream video sources at the same time. Thus current watching show, however, to include on PlayStation Vue, Amazon Prime, and PBS, the TV app which provides universal watch list catch up on new episodes. Hence to make sure,  you are not sure what to watch, where the TV app gives you recommendations span of multiple services.


The TV app thus is a hub shows you are watching on Apple TV.

I also argued the TV app, easier for navigation than PlayStation Vue. The Vue app is not terrible, still rooted in traditional TV concepts. This surf live channels, scrolls through sprawling grid guide, slows to load.

Apple’s TV app cuts all cruft away, focuses handful basic concepts. Your watchlist at the top of the screen easy access, follows by sporting events, news feeds, and recommendations. The lack of a traditional grid guide seems like an intentional—and in my view, welcome—design choice.

The TV app thus not a complete replacement for Vue’s own app. You still need to launch PlayStation Vue managing your DVR and access specific live channels. Vue does not integrate with the TV app’s news section, needs to open Vue directly watching CNN or other live news channels. Still, looks for a movie or show watching the TV app could all you need.

So far, I have not got many answers whether other live TV streams services follow PlayStation Vue’s lead, but Shannon Prior, a Hulu spokeswoman, says company works on TV app integration and thus should be available “in the next couple of weeks,” she said.

Representatives from FuboTV and Sling TV said nothing to announce, where representatives from DirecTV Now, Hulu, Philo, and YouTube TV did not provide comments in time for this column.

Apple did not respond requesting a comment either. There is no secret that the company wants cable providers embraces the TV app, but hopefully, the company urges live TV streaming services getting onboard as well.

For now, PlayStation Vue is the only live TV service that connects with Apple’s TV app.

In the meantime, there’s room for the TV app to improve in other ways. It however still does not show the content from some major streaming services—most notably Netflix and YouTube—and doesn’t work with over-the-air DVR solutions such as Tablo, HDHomeRun, and Plex. Without content sources, where Apple TV users still have frequently double back device’s traditional app launcher.

Thus the current Vue integration made the TV app a lot more functional for cord-cutters. Thus with an Apple TV subscription to PlayStation Vue, considers making your first stop picking something to watch.