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Why do you watch TV? You watch something that you like it. You like a movie or a TV show because you know about it or you have been recommended by someone to watch that show.

There maybe similar movies and TV shows that may suit your taste but you do not watch them because you have never heard of them.

What is something that new about all TV shows would recommend you TV shows and movies on the basis of your taste?

There has been a silent update to your Apple TV. This update has introduced the features of Genius recommendations for movies and TV shows to the Apple TV. Your little black box will recommend you movies or TV shows on the basis of the movies and TV shows that you watch. No user action is required to access this new feature, as it is not part of a device firmware update. Instead, Apple has updated its own servers that would send this information to the Apple TV from its iTunes Store equivalent.

This new feature appears identical to the Genius recommendation features already present in iTunes on the Mac and iOS devices. With access to your library and purchase history, the Apple TV can now recommend TV or movie content based on what you have watched before.

Suppose you like to watch fantasy and science-fiction TV shows like Smallville and Supernatural and use Apple TV to watch their old and new episodes. Thus, on the basis of these shows, Apple TV might recommend you TV shows and movies like Dark Angel and Star Wars.

Are you happy about this new update of Apple? Share your opinion about this new update.

Source: TUAW

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