Apple TV Brings TV Show Downloads In Canada

Apple TV

Apple Fanboys in Canada who want to use everything that comes from Apple have a new reason to smile.

Now on Apple TV, they can download TV shows.

Apple entered the world of television entertainment by coming up with Apple TV which is basically an internet box that is capable of streaming internet and computer content to your TV set. You pay for some inbuilt features like Netflix on monthly basis. Additionally, you have the option to buy and download from iTunes.

The new update comes to Canada’s Apple TV as Over The Air (OTA) update that allows new features in the Apple TV entertainment system of users.

Downloading any episode from any TV show would cost anywhere between $0.00 and $2.49. The new system does not include any kind of renting system.

So which TV show do you want to download watch on Apple TV? Tell us in the comments section. I am going for James Cameron’s Dark Angel starring Jessica Alba.

Source: Modmyi

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