Apple TV to cost low after revised.

The heat of San Francisco Apple event is over though but the impact seems to be high enough still. If you have missed what the event was like let me brief you. Steve came with the new iPod shuffle, iPod nano and the iPod touch along with the Apple TV revamped completely.

The Apple TV has come with much smaller in size compared to the previous one, with matte black in the back.

The efficiency of Apple will increase as Media Company like the ABC and FOX has agreed to provide with TV shows and movies at rent.

AirPlay, the feature will let customers display a video from their mobile device, on an Apple TV-connected TV screen, with a single tap. IOS 4.2 will be available in November.

The joining of Netflix to AppleTV, now the customers will also be able to stream video from Netflix via Apple TV, and can also use the device to browse and view YouTube videos and content uploaded to Apple’s MobileMe service. Customers can also stream content from their computers, including photos, videos and music, with no syncing required.

The best part was announced in the later part that now Apple TV will only cost $99 USD.

People say that the best part always comes at the end. So the best part is here.



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