iOS 6 Beta Allows Apple TV Users To Reorder Their Icons

Apple TV Wiggle Mode

Many Apple TV owners enjoy customization. Now here is a good news for such owners.

The latest beta version of iOS 6 will allow the users to reorder the icons on the main menu page.

This feature was originally noted by the someone affliated with The new featurecan be accessed by holding down the center Select button on the remote for several seconds, after which the selected icon begins to wiggle as seen on iOS devices when in reorder/delete mode.

This wiggling icon can be moved by using the directional buttons on the remote. Other icons will adjust and automatically reorder themselves based on which direction you move in. You can watch the video below to see it in action:

There are some differences in reordering the icons on the Apple TV and reordering them on other iOS devices. One such difference is that there is lack of a touch interface. This means that only one icon can be selected and moved at a time. Some of you may have noticed that when you touch any icon for several seconds, all icons begin to wiggle and multiple icons can be moved or deleted before exiting the mode. Unfortunately, there is no sign of an ability to delete or hide unused icons on the Apple TV menu as of right now.

As of right now, holding the Select button for several seconds puts the device to sleep. It is not clear whether this functionality is being removed or reassigned to a different shortcut on the remote. We will have to wait and see upon final release or further evidence.

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