Apple updates Flash in Snow Leopard update 10.6.1

mac-os-x-snow-leopard-iconEarlier, when Apple first released its new major operating system Mac OS X Snow Leopard the 28th of August, the OS downgraded Flash to an older version, which came with several security issues. It is therefore important that the individual user, if he knows about it, updates Flash to the latest version manually.

However, in the recently seeded 10.6.1 update coming up for Snow Leopard, it seems that Apple addresses this issue. There have been many concerns about it and it has certainly caught Apple’s attention.

The new 10.6.1 software update contains the usual bug fixes and addresses many smaller issues, such as DVD playback, unresponsive applications, printer drivers, Mail functionality, removing items from the Dock etc. The seeded version is currently being tested by a limited audience and is 71.5 MB large.

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