Apple Updates iBooks App

iBooks App

Late on Tuesday, Apple updated the iBooks app. The book-reading iOS app is now rich with several new features.

Equipped with improved performance, iBooks 1.5 has added a night theme that turns the background black and text white. This makes it easy for you to read the book in dark. You would have the option to use normal mode (white background and black text) if you wish to. Another options are Sepia (yellowish background with black text).

There is a new full screen option that can rid you of rounded corners, stacked pages and book jacket graphics.

iBooks 1.5 also gives you the option of choosing the font in which you want text to appear. You can also choose the font size. You four new choices are Athelas, Charter, Iowan, and Seravek. Baskerville, Cochin, and Verdana have been removed.

Apple has mentioned new classic covers for public domain books. A redesigned annotation platte makes it easier for you to choose the color for the text you wish to highlight.

iBooks 1.5 is a free app and can be downloaded from iTunes App Store.

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Source: Mac World

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