Apple Updates Report On Supplier Working Conditions

Foxconn Chinese Workers

It probably was not Mike Daisey’s fabricated accusation that moved Apple to work on improving working conditions for employees at overseas suppliers, like Foxconn China.

However, even if it was not, the company is doing a great job of making good on their plans to help those employees.

Apple is providing monthly updates on its Supplier Responsibility web pages to let the public know how they are doing. The current focus is on making sure that people are not working ridiculously long hours, one issue that has been implicated in the past suicides of some Foxconn employees. Apple’s guidelines state that employees should work less than 60 hours per week. The Cupertino based tech-giant reported that for January, the compliance rate with the guideline as 84 percent.

For February, there was a noticeable increase in compliance. The rate went up to 89 percent. Among 500,000 workers, the average workweek was an almost-comfortable 48 hours. Apple is working with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to perform audits of working and living conditions for many of the employees working for Foxconn and other suppliers.

Apple and Foxconn and shown that they have a big heart by not suing Mike Daisey.

ABC’s iFactory has shown that Apple provides good working conditions to workers. Apple cannot afford to exploit workers and invite trouble in China because China is a communist nation where labor rights are supreme.

Source: TUAW

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