Apple Updating Entire Mac Arsenal At WWDC

Apple Macs

What happens when Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) falls outside of the announcement schedule for iPhone, and iPad updates? According to online reports, Apple makes it up to developers and Apple fanboys by updating everything else in their arsenal.

While it is widely assumed Apple will reveal new MacBook Pros at WWDC, some online reports added to the mix new MacBook Airs (including retina 13” and 11” models in addition to the rumored 15” model), an iMac Refresh, and a Mac Pro update/refresh.

The MacBook update will include two configurations of the 15” model, how these will be different is not clear. Nobody knows what will happen to the 13” model. Although, it would make sense that the MacBook Air 15” model, or 13” models could absorb this sector of Apple’s product line.

The second announcement at WWDC will be the improved Retina-Display MacBook Airs. The third announcement will be an iMac refresh with the requisite processor and graphics increases, but 9to5Mac claims it is “unclear” if any design or display changes will accompany the refresh. Retina Display iMacs are also expected to arrive.

The final announcement will be an update for either the Mac mini or the Mac Pro. Both are due for an update, especially the ancient Mac Pro which has not been updated since two years. Rumors of Apple dropping the Mac Pro line have swirled in the last year as many opine that Apple ignores the professional market space. If Apple updates the Mini, with no mention of the Mac Pro, then probably, we have seen the last of Mac Pro.

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