Apple Initiate Volume App Purchase for Business, Education

According to the latest reports, now the business customers can soon be able to purchase their apps in large number. The Cupertino company has revealed this information to the developers. Apple says that the developers can go through the latest Paid Application Agreement so that their apps can be offered for sale. This sale things will be active as when the Volume Purchase Program is available to business customers.

The developers with the Purchase program, they can offer business and education institution in U.S to access, purchase, and allocate their apps to the whole section of the society. The developers can also decides on pricing i.e 50% on their list price to education institution as when they happen to purchase 20 or more of their apps.

The developers can also present custom B2B apps directly to their business customers for those who has a Volume Purchase Account.

The developers can also decides the price for the custom B2B app with the guidelines presented in the newest price schedule. The custom B2B app is price at $9.99.

[Via iCalrified]

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