Apple vs. Rest Of The World

Apple Samsung Patent CaseFor the past few years we have witnessed a series of patent infringement cases involving same old companies with other different parties such as, Google vs. Apple, Apple vs. Samsung, Apple vs. Kodak etc.

According to a recent study from Kanzatec IP group, Apple is involved in 60% of all the major mobile patent suits.

So, what forces Apple to be the center of attraction? Why is Apple fighting with one company or the other all over the globe even when they have the biggest Market Capitalization in the world? Is this because other companies are a little afraid of Apple, so when they can’t fight with Apple in innovation, they either just copy the products of Apple or fight with Apple in the court? Or is it that Apple is one greedy company which wants credit for just about everything.

So many lawsuits are filed each day. Every day we witness a new kind of judgment being passed in the court. Personally I am bit annoyed with all the court orders and results. Aren’t these companies tired of fighting with each other? Why don’t they just try to create something innovative? Most of the time, Apple is not the defendant, or it seems so. In fact Apple is the one who is suing others.

It has become a common phrase that “Apple would rather sue the competition than innovate”. Apple is not doing this for money, most of the time they just want to ban the competitor’s product in a particular region. They have also been successful in doing so, with products like HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple is the one who started all this competition and now it wants to wipe out the whole competition by simply banning the products. Even when they know that there products still create the most hysteria.

Is this is because Apple is little afraid of these companies because of the success of Samsung’s Galaxy line of products and HTC’s One X. These products were good and successful. So they simply banned it from entering in the US Market. Steve Jobs himself said in an interview that he wanted to thrash Android.

Recently companies such as Google and Samsung have joined hands in their fight against Apple. It is a saying that “more competition leads to more innovation and invention” but after witnessing all this we must say “more competition leads to more court cases”. Why don’t these companies just concentrate on creating more and more innovative products?

Recently, a Judge, Ms. Amelia Bennett, who is presiding over the Samsung-Apple dispute in Australia, lost her patience after listening to both the sides and said “Why on earth are these proceedings going ahead?” Bennett asked. “It’s just ridiculous. … Why shouldn’t I order the parties to mediation?

In fact, these companies are fighting for a larger share of the Smartphone market that Bloomberg Industries says was around $ 312 Billion. Currently, Samsung continues to remain the largest supplier for Apple which accounts for 8.8 % of its total revenue.

Recently we heard that Apple CEO Tim Cook is trying to settle down all the legal disputes with some middle level agreement between the parties.We can only hope that they do reach a consensus soon and start concentrating on more innovative products.