Apple Wants ‘.apple’ Domain

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Apple is not satisfied with .Com domain. The tech giant wants to get out of tradition in a very self-promotional fashion as it is lobbying for a new website address that could launch the era of the “.apple” domains.

On Wednesday, 13 June 2012, the Associated Press reported that Apple’s plan was revealed at a London-based conference. As it turns out, “.apple” is in good company among the proposed domains that other iconic brands are similarly looking to establish.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers said that thousands of requests had been made. They include the likes of “.microsoft,” “.bing,” “.android,” “.amazon,” and even “.bestbuy.” At the time of this news report being written, there are only about 300 active domain suffixes around the world.

Companies would be able to create separate websites and separate addresses for each of their products and brands, even as they keep their existing “.com” name. Businesses that joined the Internet late, and found desirable “.com” names taken, would have alternatives.

About half of such proposals came from North America with another 675 requests were coming out of Europe.

In addition to a review period of at least one or two years before a decision to accept or decline the proposal is made, all companies had to pay $185,000 per proposal.

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