Apple Wants Special Apps For China

Apple Store Shanghai

Many of our news reports have explained that Apple has big plans to sell devices and computers in emerging markets such as China. However, this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has moved the plan from Apple selling hardware to its developers trying to sell apps as well.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and co. have pushed hard to convince developers that China was the next big market in apps. There are a number of new features coming to both Mountain Lion and iOS 6 that are aimed directly at Chinese users.

Most of it so far is supporting Chinese services, such as search engine Baidu and the extremely popular microblogging service Sina Weibo, which is China’s answer to Twitter as people have to use it because of many curbs that have been imposed on Twitter by Chinese government. Text input is another big area that Apple has been working on with its software. Siri has also been updated to work with a few more Chinese dialects. On the OS X side, Mail has gotten an update to work with QQ Mail and a few other popular Chinese email services.

Possibly, this is only the beginning of more and more Apple support for China and its users. Given how the market in China is growing, Apple is investing heavily in that area going forward.

Source: TUAW

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