Apple Warns Scalpers Against Queuing Outside Hong Kong Store For New iPad

New iPad sales notice

Due to their popularity, iOS devices are a big business in China. Not just for Apple but also for gangs of scalpers who queue up to get their hands on the latest devices on launch day so that they can later be sold on through the grey market for a sizable profit.

Back in October 2011, when the iPhone 4S was launched in Hong Kong, police were called to break up the riots that occurred outside of Apple retail stores as scalpers attempted to force their way into the lines ahead of genuine customers. To ensure it does not happen again, Apple has warned scalpers not to queue up for its new iPad on Friday.

Apple has left notices outside of its flagship store in the IFC Mall in Hong Kong, telling customers that the new iPad will not be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. It reads:

No staying or queueing up here. Apple will not serve on a first come first serve basis for new iPad. Please refer to Apple’s official website for the detailed arrangement.

Following the trouble that Apple had with its iPhone 4S launch in China, it introduced a reservation system that means Chinese customers must first place their orders online, then pick up the device in-store, with a government-issued photo ID, when they receive confirmation that their item is available. This service will go live for the new iPad from Thursday morning.

Queue for new iPad

However, neither the system nor the notices are deterring hopeful iPad customers. The queues continue to build ahead of Friday’s launch. Engadget China reported that scalpers are camped out outside of the IFC Mall despite warnings from the police demanding that they move on.

They would not be able to walk into the store and purchase the device. It is believed that they will be there to offer genuine customers inflated sums of money to hand over their new iPad.

Source: Cult Of Mac

Image Courtesy: Engadget

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