Apple Watch – A new workout sensation with smart scales getting synced?

Apple Watch – Introduction

Apple Watch helps to stay motivated, exercised, with improved health and smart scales, syncs data to the iPhone with full of fun and useful way, track your progress. Thus, one wants to collect easily your weight and other measurement data with the Health app on iPhone tricks a scale works with HealthKit.

Some options available to include:

HealthKit Scales

HealthKit, framework provided by Apple on iOSshares health data. This is with granular permission between Apple’s built-in Health app, an iPhone and third-party health apps with the makers of smart scales. Thus, with one weighing, the HealthKit-compatible scale syncs data not only share the data in Apple’s Health which is health-related but also collected by Apple Watch.


  • Nokia Body Wi-Fi Scale ($59.95: Amazon)
  • Withings Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale ($99.95: Amazon/Apple)
  • Withings Body Cardio Wi-Fi Smart Scale with Body Composition and Heart Rate ($149.95: Amazon/Apple)

The Nokia/Withings brands are confused with the Withings by Nokia rebranded and sold by the founder with an original name. Thus setting aside, Branding is the hardware, reliable, and works well with HealthKit model, comes in with white or black.

With the basics of $60 model captures weight, appear in Apple’s Health app, where the price is likely away soon. Thus there are versions of upgrade captures with more data as a body-fat percentage and BMI is useful. With the price-heart rate, modelled not necessary, is where the one wears an Apple Watch.


QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale and Body Analyzer ($149: Amazon)

With the Nokia/Withings options, not impressive as Qardio an attractive alternative, few improvements to include QardioBase 2 captures the weight, body- fat percentage, and BMI data with the Health app on iPhone. This thus designs of getting around stands out. Hence Qardio, a decent Apple Watch app shows last captured measurements.

A built-in rechargeable battery feature with non-consumable batteries needs replacement after several months.  Also, as the cause, neither of Withings or Qardio has great iPhone apps which require little interaction of populating data in the Health app.

QardioBase 2’s HealthKit support has work-in-progress requires toggling with access off and back on to the trigger. This syncs my experience of not only preferred the design with QardioBase 2. The smart scale thus not used hoping where HealthKit supports to improve.


iHealth Lite Wireless Scale (Amazon: $79.98)

iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale (Amazon: $108, reg. $129)

There is a lot in making iHealth, HealthKit-compatible accessory includes smart scales. A cheaper Lite model way out is with tracks weighing both BMI for under $100. Thus it upgrades with core version, not only tracks the body-fat percentage and more.


Eufy BodySense Smart Scale (Amazon: $40.49 with a coupon, reg. $44.99)

Eufy, the same league with other picks, not has an attractive price, much higher basic scales on the market.

Thus under $50, you get weight, BMI, body fat percentage, and other measurements are what we sync the iPhone’s Health app.


The above-mentioned topic sourced from 9to5mac is a sensation of smart scales. Hence being synced is full of fun in a useful way. Thus there is a collection easily gets along with other measurement data of the Health app on iPhone.This has not tricked on a scale which works with HealthKit.