Apple Watch and fall detection credits with saving man in Sweden for acute back pain

Apple Watch Series 4 is not just a nice looking watch where there are invisible features proves life-saving. Series 4 hit the market last month with new Apple Watch fall detection feature credited with coming to rescue at least one customer in a dire situation.

According to Swedish publication Aftonbladet, Apple Watch Series 4 was key to note emergency services where Gustavo Rodriguez cripples back pain struck while cooking over a stove. The unexpected discomfort thus causes him doubling over and collapse to the floor with the stove fired up.

Apple Watch fall detection noticed the sudden collapse offer to call local emergency services.

Gustavo, 34, suffered a sudden back injury and fell paralyzed to the kitchen floor. “It felt like someone pushed a knife into my back,” he says. Luckily, his watch responded.

On Friday, Gustavo Rodriguez stood by the stove as usual and cooked food. Suddenly, he felt a strange tension in the back and became increasingly difficult in moving the body. Gustavo tried not to think about it. “But then I moved the frying pan and it just hit me. It felt like someone pushed a knife into my back, says Gustavo”.

He fell to the floor where the pain was so strong with everything went black. He could not move. Then the watch chimed and asked, “Do you want to call 112?”. “My Apple Watch sensed the fall and wondered if it makes an emergency call,” said Gustavo.

Rodriguez thus managed to crawl across the floor where there is a living room to climb the couch, but the phone was in another room and he had not recovered from the pain yet.

He managed calling his mother-in-law from the Apple Watch lived nearby and could turn off the stove, where an ambulance brought him to a hospital where he had to have a morphine shot reducing the acute back pain.

While it does not sound like the watch, which ultimately needs calling Emergency Services for Rodriguez, Apple Watch Series 4 does have a feature that automatically call Emergency Services, if it detects a fall and you do not respond to the alert within a minute.

Apple Watch fall detection automatically hence is enabled on Series 4 for customers who are 65 or older, where one can turn it on manually in the Watch app on iPhone if you are under 65. The feature thus notifies your emergency contact and shares your location with a fall detected and the watch user which is unresponsive.

Apple Watch easily call emergency services holding down the side button with Digital Crown for several seconds. The SOS feature requires a nearby iPhone on Apple Watches without LTE, modeled with active cellular service makes and receive phone calls away from iPhone.