Apple Tells Developers Not To Use White iPhone Images

White iPhone 4

Apple has urged developers not use the images of white iPhone in their marketing and publicity campaigns for apps or anything.

This sounds bizarre that Apple has problem with the color of iPhone skin in third party marketing materials. Some prominent apps, like Flipboard and Path, use the white iPhone on their sites.

Apple has clear guidelines on the use of iOS device images. There is no specific rule about using only black device images. However, there is a requirement that only approved images can be used and either coincidentally or intentionally, all of the iPhone images approved by Apple are black.

In verbal communications with a blogger, Apple said that they were reserving use of the white iPhone for their own marketing materials.

Dalton Caldwell, the CEO of, works with thousands of developers to help them market their apps. He has said that he has not heard a word about this new rule of Apple.

Source: Pando Daily

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