Apple Wins Patent For Wireless Synchronisation Of A Media Player

Apple Patent Media Player Wireless Synchronization

Apple has been awarded 17 new patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office. These patents include one outlining how content is updated on a media player over a wireless network.

Other noteworthy patents received by the Cupertino-based tech giant included one for flash control in iOS cameras, one covering the shape and design of its current iPod Shuffle and another protecting the way the Apple logo illuminates when a MacBook Pro is opened.

However, it is the patent covering “improved techniques for interaction between a host computer and a media player” that is most interesting.

The newly awarded patent said:

“According to one embodiment, interaction between a host device (for example, host computer) and a media player can be performed over a wireless channel. The interaction over the wireless channel can be used to automatically synchronize media contents stored on the media player with media contents stored on the host device.”

“In still another embodiment, synchronization can be automatically performed when the media player is placed in a docking station that supports wireless communications.”

The explanation of syncing media files includes both music and movies . It is possible this patent could support any future attempt to patent iCloud technology.

The patent was filed in October 2004 by Stanley Ng, Anthony Fadell and Jeffrey Robbin.

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