Apple Working To Remove Artificial Limit iOS 6 App Limit

iOS 6

There is a small snafu present in the current developer edition of iOS 6. It restricts the total number of apps users can install on their iDevices.

The number is insanely high. Users with 500 apps installed in their iDevices will begin to noticeably slow down, and engage in auto-reboots. And those who have as many as 1,000 apps will find their device not booting at all.

Apparently the high threshold was of little concern to Apple, especially whenApple considered how many people actually have between 500 and 1,000 apps installed.

However, the Mid Atlantic Consulting (MAC) made the point that if Apple expects devices like the iPhone to replace gaming consoles, televisions,and other devices, then iOS should allow users to install an unlimited number of apps. MAC cited the late Steve Jobs’ claim that only limit on the number of apps was the number of folders and apps per folder.

Reportedly, Apple has already agreed to provide a fix for the App restriction in the next version of iOS 6.

New reports have surfaced that there might not in fact be a virtual limit on the number of apps users can install on their devices. The report itself may have been an isolated incident. MAC claimed that they confirmed the test on four difference iDevices including both the iPad and iPhone.

The theoretical maximum for the number of installed apps on a single device spans 11 home pages, with 2,160 apps.

However, users can install more applications and launch them from the devices search function. This means that potentially unlimited number of apps can be installed granted the space is available.

How many apps do you have in your iDevice? Have you ever witness the problem of your device slowing down after 500 app installations or not booting after 1000 installations? Post your comments.

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