Apple’s App Store Most Profitable For Developers

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A study from analytics firm Flurry has recently revealed that Amazon’s App Store is three times better at generating revenue for developers than Google’s own Android Market, which has now been re-branded as “Google Play.”

However, Flurry used revenue generated for developers by the iOS App Store as the barometer.

According to the study, Flurry set Apple’s App Store Revenue at a value of 100 percent. In a comparison of leading cross-platform applications Amazon’s Appstore generated 89% of the revenue that the same app would on Apple’s App Store. Google Play managed to generate a paltry 23% of what the same app would generate on Apple’s platform.

In terms of dollars and cents (probably the whole reason Flurry set Apple at 100), this means that for every dollar of revenue generated by Apple’s App Store, Amazon’s app store brings in $0.89 per active user and Google Play brings in $0.23.

“Amazon, who forked Android in order to put customers into their own shopping experience on the Kindle Fire, is showing its commerce strength, already delivering more than three times the revenue in its app store compared to what Google delivers developers,” — Pete Fargo of Flurry.

The study added a little insult to injury. An earlier study claimed that Google earned 80 percent of its mobile revenue from Apple’s iPhone and iPad and only 20% from its own Android platform. Amazon’s Kindle ecosystem mimics Apple’s walled garden, and appears to confirm that Android OS fragmentation is not as lucrative for developers as it could be.

Source: Modmyi

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