Apple’s Appeal Against Galaxy Tab Rejected In Australia

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Some people may call it equilibrium when on one side (France), the lawsuit filed by Samsung to ban iPhone 4S sales in France is being dismissed, on the other side (Australia), an appeal from Apple to extend the ban on the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia has been rejected.

Apple and Samsung have been filing lawsuits and counter-lawsuits against each other in many countries, for past few months. This all started when the ban on the sales of Galaxy Tab were banned in Australia after the court agreed with Apple’s allegation that the design of Galaxy Tab had been copied from iPad. The ban had been lifted in late November 2011 but Apple got an extension according to which the ban had been extended till 9 December 2011. Apple had obtained one week extension on the ban on the grounds that it needed time to appeal against the verdict in Australian High Court.

Samsung had also approached various courts, seeking a ban on various Apple products, including iPhone 4S. The appeals were rejected. Though Apple was victories in most of the cases with most European courts rejecting pleas from Samsung, Samsung did score some victories.

In USA, Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung, seeking ban on the sales of Galaxy Tab had been dismissed.

However, due to the end of two-month ban on the sales of Galaxy Tab, Christmas has come early for Samsung because now with Christmas approaching, Galaxy Tab 10.1 will arrive in stores in the holiday season that is lucrative for store-owners as well as product manufacturers.

The feud between Apple and Samsung is expected to come up to a whole new level with one lawsuit by Samsung against Apple in Italy in December and another in Australia that would be heard in March 2012.

Source: Apple Insider

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