Apple’s Bid To Foil Samsung’s Tab And Phone Sales In USA Fails

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As the legal drama between Apple and Samsung intensifies in Europe and Australia, the smoke of this fire has reached United States.

After a string of so many victories over Samsung, the second showdown between Apple and Samsung since the inception of this saga spelt defeat for Apple. A chain of lawsuits filed by Apple and Samsung against each other started when Apple won a court-imposed ban on the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in Australia on the grounds that the design of tablet had been copied from iPad.

US District Court Judges has rejected Apple’s request to block Galaxy devices.

Few months ago, Apple had suffered a setback in United States when the judge rejected Apple’s plea to speed up the hearings of the cases involving Apple and Samsung against each other.

Samsung has been scoring an upper hand lately with the victory of a verdict nullifying the ban of Galaxy Tab 10.1 to end in Australia after 9 December 2011.

Samsung has also filed cases against Apple in many countries, accusing the latter of patents infringement. A lawsuit seeking ban on the sales of Apple devices (including iPhone 4S) in Australia would come up for hearing in March 2012.

It remains to be seen how the Apple-Samsung Saga would unfold in USA. Whose side will you be? Tell us in the comments section.

Source: Engadget

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