Apple’s Biggest Rival Becomes its Top iPad Display Supplier for Q1 2014

As per a new report published by the research firm DisplaySearch, via CNET, Samsung professed the first position as iPad display panel supplier for Apple in the first quarter 2014. A total of 5.2 million units shipped with high resolution 9.7-inch panels which were placed in the iPad Air and the reintroduced 4th generation iPad.

The proportion of Samsung being 62% and that of LG being 38% for shipping 9.7 Apple inch displays. Apple is said to have selected Samsung as the predominant partner for supplying iPad display last August and apparently negotiated with the Korean company in October for the production of Retina iPad Mini displays while LG scrambled with low yields.

Due to increase in friction between the two companies, Apple has been trying to come up with workarounds to reduce their dependability on Samsung. Nevertheless, Samsung’s technological benefits and production capacity as a display supplier have confirmed to be valuable to Apple’s requirements over the years.

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