Apple’s iPhone PR Invites Selected UK Press to WWDC. iPhone 4S to be Revealed??

According to latest report, Apple Public relation officer are reaching out to selected British Journalist in an effort to convince them to attend the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote in early June.

Apple’s iPhone PR team is reportedly reaching out to British journalists to persuade them to attend WWDC, according to ElectricPig. The site sees this an indicator that Apple may be planning to unveil something bigger than just a software update.

A source tells us that Apple’s UK iPhone PR team is approaching journalists from major publications to fly out to the event in San Francisco next month. The obvious conclusion would be that Apple is announcing a new iPhone. Or rather, an updated model. The iPhone 4S is slated as a stop-gap before the appearance of a true, ‘&%!*, they’ve done it again!’ game-changer next year.

Is the September iPhone release rumor just a ploy to surprise us with an iPhone 4S at WWDC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…

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