Apple’s latest technology and reasons for success

Apple has been on the forefront when it comes to cutting-edge technology. The company has been spearheading technological advances in all areas and the trend is headed upwards as day goes. Recently, they brought the Apple smart watch which amazed many. Now, they’ve brought the Apple watch magnetic charging dock that has revolutionized the industry. The dock is simple, elegant and comes with a 2-meter lightning cable. The magnetic charging puck is entirely integrated into the dock. The gadget also supports nightstand mode and with its circular design, it can support both the closed and open band types. Apple has come up with more products all of which you can get at great discounts at Overstock.

The iPhone 7 has also taken the world by storm. The iPhone 7 has come with stylish features and what has awed consumers the most is the headphone jack that has been removed to pave way for wireless headphones. This hasn’t been received by all people well and has been taken by some as a disadvantage. However, users can connect the headphones using the charging port. The software and services have been improved significantly and the Apple Music and App store have received great revenues. iTunes continue being the number one music store which have been accepted in the world over. The products created by Apple are very easy to use and this is one of the many reasons that Apple has succeeded in being ahead of all of its competitors.

When you visit an Apple store, you’ll notice the great customer service and the in-store experience. They customer service team is very experienced in handling clients and this can be related to the fact that over fifty per cent of people buying Apple products are new. Overstock offers more information and discounts on all Apple products.