Apple’s media event: Strongest line of iPod refreshes ever

The Apple’s annual media event which took place yesterday was a whole lot of fun and i am sure it did not disappoint anybody. We predicted earlier as to what would be the new product launches in the media event, and we almost got everything right except for a new version of the iPod Shuffle.

Steve said this year had the strongest line of iPod refreshes ever, this is a music event and so we have to give prime importance to music, he added.

Apple yesterday introduced a number of new products most of which we predicted earlier:

All New iPod Models: Shuffle, Nano and Touch 


The all new iPod shuffle is a combo of second and third generation, looks like the second-generation, but a little smaller. It has buttons and playlists, as well as voiceover. There’s the clip of course, and the hold switch on the top Comes in five colors, sells at $49 for 2GB.

The new iPod nano is 46% smaller, 42% lighter, it also has 24 hour battery life. It can do all the typical stuff: playlists, albums, nike plus, radio. It would sell for $149 for 8GB, $179 for the 16GB version

 The all new iPod touch is the #1 portable game player in the world, Steve said. New iPod touch is thinner and has a retina display in it like the iPhone also a Front-facing camera and FaceTime. Three models: 8GB for $229, 32GB for $299, and a 64GB for $399.

Apple also launched the new iTunes 10 yesterday in the music event; the logo of the iTunes has been changed. New iTunes would have Ping, Ping is for “social music discovery” You can follow and be followed. iTunes 10 is available from yesterday. 

Steve Jobs also launched a second-generation Apple Tv, and said it would be Tiny. It’s a fourth the size; you can hold it in the palm of your hand. It’s also black and comes with the new Apple remote. Steve also spoke about 99 cents TV show rentals and demoed it. Price is $99 for new Apple TV. New Apple TV is available later this month, about 4 weeks from, he added.

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