Apple’s misunderstood iPhone advert wins an Emmy award for “most outstanding commercial of the year”

Apple’s much ‘Misunderstood’ iPhone ad wins Emmy. The Christmas-themed iPhone advert lands Apple an Emmy for being the “most Outstanding Commercial of the Year.”

Apple’s “Misunderstood” iPhone 5 seconds advert, depicts a quiet teenager who doesn’t spend time with his family at Christmas because he’s way too busy with his iPhone. At the end of the advert, he reveals that he’s not being a misanthrope, that he used his iPhone and iMovie to shoot and edit a beautiful and heartwarming family montage!
The ‘Misunderstood’ advert, becomes quite a big hit for Apple as the advert started attracting criticism online.

Someone had asked that; ‘why did the teen shoot the whole thing in portrait, only to have the finished product appear in a landscape mode’. However, as a result of all these criticisms, it however created a certain kind of connection with critics and customers.

However, it is important to see that like most of Apple’s best ads, it chose to pass across a more sentimental message rather than a message that portrays the sell of technology.
Meanwhile the advert also highlighted the growing professional use of the iPhone camera.

The iPhone 5s was later used to shoot a film called ‘Tangerine’, which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival. Over the years, Apple has been focusing on the iPhone camera as its major selling point ever since a ‘shot on iPhone’ campaign. The Emmy award, went to Apple, the production company Park Pictures and also ad agency TBWA/Media Arts Lab. However, this is not the first Emmy Award that Apple has ever bagged.

Cupertino bagged a technical Emmy in 2001 for its role in developing FireWire,; which is known for its high-speed serial port that allows fast transfer of data between Macs and other devices like digital cameras.
Apple’s “Misunderstood” ad beat other competitors such as General Electric, Budweiser and Nike.