Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 4 where videos Workouts and Emergency SOS


Apple introduces Apple Watch Series 4 with a video uploaded with Workouts and Emergency SOS

Apple Watch Features

Apple shares a weekend pair of short Apple Watch. This features how-to videos on YouTube channel. Hence with the videos relatively basic is covers a Workout application with the usage of Emergency SOS on mode. Watch them below.

The first Apple Watch cover simply starts a Workout of the device. Apple hence touts “takes only a couple tap kick starts workout” using Apple Watch. With the video highlighted where a usage of open goal runs workout tracking progresses, usage of a post-workout summary feature.

Hence second Apple Watch is where how to highlights video of the device. This has an Emergency SOS explains Apple which presses simply and holds side button. With the slide Emergency SOS, slider places an immediate call. The emergency services thus show off easy access on Medical ID same way.

Apple, however, shares how to videos where YouTube channels several releases of the product and Apple Watch Series 4 of no difference. Hence with the company touting feature with the usage of Apple Watch Series 4, noting the same is where an older models steps with the wearable as well.


Thus Apple features the video on YouTube Channel hence with a start of How to start a Workout along with Emergency SOS.