Apple’s newest iOS 4.2 beta adds SMS tones, bug with AirPrint

Recently Apple has released the third beta of iOS 4.2 to developers alongside the second beta of iTunes 10.1. This update is a contribution for both the iPhone and the iPad.

According to report, the beta has made significant modifications in an updated version of the modem firmware. However, there are noticeably alterations in beta like AirPlay features from previous builds. The AirPlay button has disappeared from the Photos, Videos, and YouTube apps on the distribution for the iPad.
The developer has also noticed a bug with the AirPrint functionality. When printing from an iPhone, the image sometimes prints as just the size of the iPhone’s screen, not the original image size.

It was also known that beta enhance a number of smaller additions. According to fscklog, the new beta adds “a larger number” of tones (Google Translation) for receiving text messages on the iPhone 4. The 17 new SMS ringtones include tones such as “Calypso,” “Choo Choo,” “Sherwood Forest,” and “Tiptoes.

[Via Appleinsider]

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