Apple’s power book 165 becomes it’s most affordable laptop

Today, the PowerBook 165 has become the most affordable laptop in Apple’s history. The PowerBook 165c was Apple’s first laptop to offer a color display.

Though the new model doesn’t have the captivating feature as the PowerBook 165c yet it has risen in the hall of fame and the PowerBook 165 has become it’s most affordable laptop.

The PowerBook 165 was introduced by Apple, as a replacement for PowerBook 160. Although the computer was known as a good and great one and it was also known as the first PowerBook to be able to drive an external coloured monitor. The new PowerBook 165 was almost identical to PowerBook 160. But it lacked a floating unit point while it’s processor speed boosts from 25Mhz to about 33Mhz.
PowerBook 165c was practically pushed obviously because of its ‘one of a kind’ color display even though it’s screen wasn’t good as the 8.4inch, matrix color display would appear dim when it’s not viewed under appropriate conditions.

Users however, kept wanting a great colour display on an Apple laptop which resulted in them buying a PowerBook 180c. The PowerBook 165 was seen as a great option which has a great lead in pricing as it started at about $1,970 which is about $3,337 going by today’s standard.

Meanwhile the PowerBook isn’t the most talked about laptops when Apple products are concerned however, in the early 1990s, the laptops were well priced as they were sold at an appealing price so far, the PowerBook has been one of Apple’s earliest laptop computer.
Quick question; Did you or anyone around you own the PowerBook 165?