Apple’s Self-Driving Car Manual Mode, involve in Minor Collision wasn’t fault on October 15

One of Apple’s Lexus SUVs outfits autonomous driving equipment where there is a minor car accident on October 15. This thus drove in manual mode. The accident question does not appear as driver’s fault.

The incident report thus filed with DMV, on Monday, October 15. This is where an Apple test vehicle, manual mode sideswiped. This turns left in a dual left turn lane onto Stewart Drive from North Wolfe Road, an area in Sunnyvale, California close to the Cupertino company’s headquarters.

Both the vehicles suffered minor damage with no injuries reported. The full text of the accident as described below:

On October 15th at 10:28 AM, an Apple test vehicle in manual mode side-swiped. This prepared to turn left onto Stewart Drive from North Wolfe Road. The Apple test vehicle travels at approximately 5 MPH. This is where a Toyota Camry travels at approximately 15 MPH crossed. This contacted Apple test vehicle. Both vehicles sustained minor damage and no injuries reported. The police notified that driver of the Toyota Camry left without exchanging information.

Thus the second time one of Apple’s test vehicles involved in a minor traffic accident. Back in August, one of the Lexus SUVs Apple uses to test its software hit by a Nissan Leaf attempts merging in autonomous mode.

Apple, such as other companies in California tests self-driving vehicle technology, required to disclose autonomous vehicle collisions to the California DMV.
Apple thus tests its self-driving software since early 2017 using Lexus RX450h.  SUVs outfitted with a host of sensors and cameras. All the vehicles piloted by a pair of drivers at all times where even when in autonomous driving mode.

Thus we do not know what Apple plans with self-driving software. This is due to the rumours suggestive of the company once again. This does explore the possibility of a full Apple-branded vehicle between 2023 and 2025.

Apple develops a self-driving shuttle service called “PAIL,” or “Palo Alto to Infinite Loop,”. This designed to transport Apple employees. Thus the company’s offices across Silicon Valley.