Apple’s Share Of Smartphone Market Increases

Apple's Share in Smartphone market

With the records that have been broken in terms of sales by Apple phones (including iPhone 4S, one could easily anticipate Apple to dominate the phone market.

According to Nielsen, the amount of all smartphones running iOS (all existing versions of iPhone) has risen from 30% to 37% over the last 3 months, in comparison to the share of all smartphones running Android OS — namely 8 googlezillion at last official count — rose from 46.3% to 51.7%.

This growth has come largely at the expense of BlackBerry. The market share of Blackberry got reduced from 14.9% to 6% over the same period.

Among recent smartphone purchasers, Apple jumped from 25.1% last quarter to 44.5% and Android slowed from 61.6% to 46.9%. BlackBerry slid from 7.7% to 4.5%.

Given the tremendous success that iPhone 4S achieved in last quarter, the numbers do not surprise anyone. The last quarter ended prior to the launch of the next-generation Android 4.0 devices, and this quarter also witnessed RIM still stuck in the great desert of the QNX/BB10 platform transition.

Source: iMore

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