Apple’s Smart-Watch: Why Not iTime or iMinute?


The much self-promotion iWatch has been capturing and the natural pre-launch phenomena which a user goes through when its Apple, keeps evolving with every new product launch.

How comic is that we are not even sure, is iWatch ‘the name’ which is going to be launched as a smart watch or something else, so we made an attempt and devised few other names like, iTime, iMinute.

Or even bigger, the production start of the watch might also get ignored if its not made the right way.
We connect clues obtained from the present times and compare it to the previous product launches while creating a picture of the new member till fall arrives.

As said by Tim Cook,”We’re eagerly looking forward to introducing more new products.” but a higher emphasis is also given to doing things really well. “It takes time to create an incredible product.”

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