Entry-level MacBook and Redesigned iPad Pros with a Faster USB-C Charger Coming in September

The much-talked about 13inch ‘entry-level’ MacBook, according to DigiTimes, will be launched soon in September. At first, in the early part of this year, it was said according to DigiTimes that Apple would release the MacBook Air that has a Retina display.

However, towards the second quarter of this year, DigiTimes mentioned in another report that the new MacBook will be a 13inch Model. According to the company’s sources, the website also claimed that the new MacBook will actually be priced at the rate of $1200 and it will be powered by Kaby Lake 14 nanometer CPU architecture. It has also being said by DigiTimes that new in-expensive notebooks will be assembled by Quanta in the fourth quarter for the industry.
Apple Analyst Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo also speculated that Apple should release a ‘new entry-level’ notebook later in the year but it is unclear if it’s a MacBook or a Macbook Air.

Although Mark Gurman the Bloomberg reporter expects that one of the notebook should start from a $999 price.
DigiTimes according to today’s report said that the wireless Air Power charger that should cost about $160 to $190, would be announced during Apple’s September event. Also, the two new iPad pro models which measures about 11and 12.9inches, slimmer bezels, a deep camera feature and a Face ID support, is expected to be announced at September by Apple.

Claims have been made that these new iPad pro models will come with a wonderfully designed 18 watt USB-C charger that will enable faster charging. It has also been rumored that Apple will be including this fantastic powerful charger along with the three iPhones speculated to be coming this year.

Normally Apple’s iPads come with a 10 to 12 watts adapter, therefore adding the 18 watts adapter to the list, it will allow faster charging without making the users buy separate charging accessories at no cost. That means that, with this setup a USB-C adapter can be paired with a lightning cable thereby making, probably a 2017 iPad pro model to be charged in a half time.