How Apps Revolutionized Marketing Strategies?

The Dark Knight Rise App

Before Apps were introduced there were many marketing strategies available for companies. Marketing strategies such as internet, websites, e-mail marketing, TV-Advertisements, Billboards etc.

As soon as companies get ready with their products, they will shift their entire focus on marketing strategies that are customer centric.

Then in 2007, the revolution, “iPhone” came into existence. Apps were introduced, and marketers got a whole new medium for marketing. With the success of Apple’s line of Products such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and App Store. It became imperative for every company to be on the App store.

People started developing applications related to their products and with the success of Games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja and Apps like Pandora and Shazam, Marketers find it hard to resist the temptation to go on the App Store. Right from the entertainment to Retail industry, everyone wanted to use this medium to the fullest possible extent.

When the movie Rio was launched, as a part of the marketing strategy, they joined hands with Rovio Mobile the makers of highly successful Angry Birds and launched the “Angry Birds Rio” game, which still features in the top-25 paid Apps.

This year, Wal-Mart joined hands with The Avengers and then later with The Amazing Spiderman to introduced Apps that help promote the movies as well as enhance its reach to more and more customers. Where you can play with your favorite super-heroes, for which Wal-Mart said the customers responded well.

Coca-Cola too launched its iAd campaign this year. This gives users the chance to vie for prizes by playing a mobile game. McDonald’s is also not far behind and are continuing their Mobile-Ad Campaign to cement their position as one of the giants in the mobile promotions. McDonald’s are also launching their own official McDonald’s App for finding McDonald’s store and prices.It provides two things for these brands – first is Brand Awareness among the customers and the second is customer engagement.

Entertainment Industry is the one which is exploiting this medium the most. Like The Avengers and The Amazing Spiderman above, almost all the movie studios launch their apps on the App store as soon as the movie promotion begins.

Let’s take a live Example; The Dark Knight Rises which was released on 20th July in theaters, released their App the same day and it is already in the Top-5 Paid Apps.

Apps have become an integral part of the movie promotions because the producers know that iTunes have over 200 million registered users, so it’s the easiest way to reach out to the masses after Social Media. Make an App and release it on the App-Store. Now, Google has also introduced its Google Play and Amazon has come up with its own App-store.

It is not restricted to only the entertainment industry and retail industry; others also want a share of this pie. Recently the London Olympic Organizing Committee released the official App for the London Olympics which provides all the information about the games.

Nowadays small industries and business owners are also taking full advantage of this situation by introducing various utility and entertainment Apps.

So if you are a business owner and want to promote yourself and your business, it’s time to get working on App Store Marketing.

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