Are You Man Enough To Take The Seal Fitness Challenge [REVIEW]

Seal Fitness Challenge

US Navy SEALS never received as much respect and heroic image as they have today. Today, everybody can see that heroes outside comic-books are US Navy SEALS because they are the once who holed up and killed Osama Bin Laden, the powerful terrorist leader who also enjoyed the status of a spiritual leader in many countries of Middle East, Asia and Africa.

US Naval SEALS are humans like you and me. What do they eat that makes them sharp in senses and skilled? What type of exercises they do keep themselves physically fit and keep their mind sharp to match the abilities and charisma of Chuck Norris?

Do you want to be a US Navy SEAL and serve your country? Now you can learn the exercises the SEALS do.

Seal Fitness Challenge

WWE has produced a series called Tough Enough with five seasons. Four seasons were of original series and one season was of a reboot series. First three seasons of original series aired on MTV. Fourth season aired on United Paramount Network (UPN) before it merged with Warner Bros. Television Network to form CW. The first season of revived series aired on USA Network. In this series, contestants were made to go through training sessions, tests and physical training and each test would aim to see who is tough enough to be a WWE Superstar.

Are you tough enough or man enough to take the challenge to be a US Naval SEAL? An app called SEAL Fitness Challenge (SFC) will train you in learning the exercises and physical training to be a Navy SEAL.

SFC has been developed by New Jersey based JGo Labs who claim to develop apps as per the requirement of clients.

Seal Fitness Challenge

Do you want to get in great shape without the hassle or complexities of special equipment or gyms? Or, do you simply want to challenge yourself to perform at the highest possible fitness levels? Get ready!

SFC is an intense, challenging and dynamic fitness trainer based on the US NAVY SEALS physical fitness qualification challenge. SFC will draw you into the challenging physical fitness demands that are undertaken by US NAVAL SEAL candidates undergoing Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training.

Relying on an advanced and unique Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Gaming engine, developed specifically for SFC, you will be dared to go for the Gold. You will start life out as a “Wannabe”. With time progress through a series of real-world Qualification Challenges where you earn higher ranks and achievements. But be forewarned, if you fail an exam, your rank and achievements will be reset.

Following are the important features of SFC:

1. Workouts are generated on the basis of assuring a different challenge every time you workout. Other training programs present static training routines and just show and suggest workouts to you. However, SFC is the only program to provide you with a different workout each time you step up to train. This provides you with faster fitness results and more functional fitness returns. You would be read for upcoming challenges.

2. SFC would provide you with a variety of options that would allow you to workout in as little as a minute or as long as 90 minutes.

3. SFC can provide you with the ability to manage workout intensity. You do not need to worry as the SFC AI engine, will make sure you are kept on your toes, regardless of the intensity.

4. You can add your own exercises and SFC will incorporate them into the workout programs, so that you can expand your training and keep things fresh.

5. This app is motivational too. You will meet a gritty old-school, smack talking NAVY SEAL, Chief Halpern, who you will taunt you by saying things like “Wouldn’t you rather be home watching cartoons?” He will question you and serve as a constant reminder that to succeed you need to dig deep.

6. “Your training got you this far, now stay focused!” If you need advice like this, Proctor Suarez is there to help you get through the rigors of training like a SEAL. Suarez would have magic words to motivate you and to keep you pushing.

7. You can turn on SFC Coach who would give you training tips and you will find yourself getting just the right level of guidance, based on your performance, when you least expect it.

8. SFC can also show statistics. If you want to see what you did last time, or if you are wondering if you are getting in enough running, SFC would provide you with a simple, yet effective way to track progress.

SFC will push some of the toughest training in the world right in your pocket. Helping blend fun and fitness, so that you can achieve your fitness goals.

SEALS Fitness Challenge (SFC) is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd Generation iPod Touch, 4th Generation iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 5.1 or later version.

However, apart from these things that make the app compatible, what you need most is discipline, commitment, and a passion for improving yourself beyond levels you ever believed possible.

Before using this app and undertaking a fitness program given here, you should first consult a physician. You should be responsible and workout within your limits, abilities and experience. The physician should confirm that the workouts that you are doing would be suitable for your body. You care choosing any program at your own risk. The Apple Bites would not be responsible if you fail get desired results or if you get exhausted due to excessive workout.

This review has been written after obtaining SFC from the app store via gift card and the app has been used on an iPod.

So after using this app, how strong and physically fit do you feel? Do you think you can play the lead role in The Marine 4 and do all stunts? Post your comments.

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  1. This app brings me back to the most ass-kickin’ time of my life which I would not trade for anything. It kicked my a$$, I got a long way to go to come back!

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