Are you ready for Samsung Galaxy Tab $950?

Are you ready to go for an iPad for $500 or the untried Samsung Galaxy Tab for almost twice that? We have the reason for that.

Last week we have posted news about Samsung Galaxy Tab arriving soon with a hefty price tag, and yesterday they were confirmed. Now the Official UK pricing for the Galaxy Tab was announced yesterday, and the 7” tablet will be selling for £600 with tax, or $950. UK carriers are expected to offer subsidized contracts that will come with a lower price, but you’re stuck with a two-year commitment and monthly charges. According to reports the Galaxy Tab is expected to go on sale in the UK on November 1.

The people are expecting that the price will be lower when the Galaxy Tab hits the US market later this month, but since the device is not yet available in a Wi-Fi only version, buyers will be locked into 3G contracts.

Moreover, the Wi-Fi only iPad has proven to be the most popular model, contract-weary US customers may pass on the Galaxy Tab for that reason.


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