Argentina Blocking iPhone Sales

iPhone ban in Argentina

Argentina has blocked the sale of iPhone and BlackBerry devices to curtail imports in the country. This move is intended to boost its ailing economy. This ban is part of a selective consumer electronics ban aimed at slowing inflation and balancing its pesos (currency of Argentina) against the US dollar.

The new ban is an extension of the Argentina Ministry Industry’s March 2011 decision to eliminate the automatic import license of certain smartphones, forcing Apple and RIM to wait 60 to 180 days for Customs Authority approval to sell their devices.

To continue the sales of its devices in Argentina, according to Argentinian laws, Apple must build its own manufacturing plant or at least partner with a local company who can offer manufacturing to Apple. Manufacturers like Motorola, Nokia and Samsung have already moved part of their manufacturing to Argentina. They did that comply with a recently passed Internal Revenue Law. According to this law, tax levies for certain imported devices are nearly double.

Source: TIPB

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