AT&T Activated 4.3 million iPhones Last Quarter

iPhone statistics At&T

If the numbers from quarterly earnings report are to be believed, AT&T is still the ‘iPhone network’. However, this is At&T’s own report.

AT&T has said that it activated 5.5 million smartphones in the quarter and of those, 4.3 million were new iPhones. That means iPhone represented a whopping 78% of total smartphone sales.  Additionally, AT&T’s postpaid customers are almost 60% smartphone customers. This means that AT&T’s iPhone customers represent a huge percentage of their base, closing in on 50%.

Verizon announced numbers last week including a total of 3.2 million iPhones sold. While iPhone is down significantly from the holiday quarter it is up from 3.6 million activations in Q1 2011.

Source: 9TO5 Mac

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