AT&T Exec says tablets will substitute laptops

AT&T’s stranglehold on services for Apple devices may be coming to an end, but a company exec predicts a healthy future as more products become available.

According to Glenn Lurie, AT&T’s emerging devices president, doesn’t see any problems with the coming end of the firm’s exclusivity with mobile devices from Apple. Currently the carrier is the sole provider of services for the iPad and iPhone but it seems Lurie doesn’t see the entry of other carriers in the field to be a problem. Lurie reports that they are still going to be plugging along with the kind of rates as of now and the genre of success they having generating today

Lurie sees the tablet computer as the product of the future, one that could make laptops a thing of the past. “You’re going to see those 10-inch pieces of glass become full-on computers,” Lurie stated in an interview this month. The exec also expects a wider range of tablets over the next five years, ranging in price from $300 to $1000

Well that’s a nice prediction Lurie, but for now you can carry an Apple laptop for $1000. For $1000 tablet what kind of features to be worth the price?


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