AT&T has claims 500,000 iPad owners using the service

AT&T proudly announced today that the company has over half a million iPad owners onboard.

If you use an iPad with 3G data service then you can use AT&T as because there is no choice as since it is the only carrier for iPhone and iPad for now. AT&T chief executive Randall Stephenson has share his company’s service in a speech to financial analysts at Tuesday’s Goldman Sachs Communacopia XIX Conference, “We have over half a million iPads connected to the network, and you’re going to see a stream of new tablets come to market from a number of carriers. That’s a whole new growth prospect for this industry that is really just in its infancy as well. We’re at the really early stages of this connected device phenomenon. It’s a very nice business model.”

At&T the only exclusive carrier as where half million iPad users out of several million are hooked up to AT&T and that leaves a lot of users choosing to go Wi-Fi.

May be AT&T will lose that monopoly on Apple products in the near future. To avoid such event, the carrier should plan on making its service more competitive as it goes head-to-head with rival carriers.


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