AT&T Will Unlock iPhones For Deployed Military Personnel In Contract

Army iPhone

We reported earlier that AT&T will unlock iPhones from now on. It has started fulfilling its promise for those who protect the great nation called United States of America. You heard it right. The service has started for military personnel.

AT&T has finally started unlocking iPhones for customers whose contracts had now expired over the weekend. Unlocking the iPhone would allow the device to be used with other SIM-cards from GSM carriers. However, for deployed military personnel, the carrier will unlock iPhones still tied to a contract so that they can be used with others carriers abroad.

Some online reports said that while carriers are required by law to suspend service without penalty for deployed service members, they are not required to unlock their handsets. AT&T has chosen to offer this service regardless.

The company declined to comment on the matter. However, online sources have confirmed that this is the case. Deployed airmen, airmen, sailors, soldiers and Marines are advised to contact AT&T for more information and to get their iPhones unlocked. Presumably, under these circumstances, the carrier will unlock other handsets too.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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