AT&T’s Video-Clip Explaining MMS Launch Delay

With AT&T’s announcement on bringing MMS to the iPhone on September 25th, they’ve now released a video clip “Seth the Blogger Guy” explaining the data drama in the past several years and also how AT&T has been working (they say so) to expand its infrastructure to handle the pressure on its network. Blogger Guy shows the (not-so) steps AT&T has undertaken for the launch of MMS on the iPhone.

We’ve been working for months to prepare the radio access controllers in our network to support this launch. That means calibrating base stations all over the country, and frankly that’s a very time-consuming process. MMS for the iPhone will be coming on September 25th. We wanted to make sure that when MMS for the iPhone launches, the experience was great. We wanted to get it right.

They tell in the video clip about the investments AT&T has made in its network, totaling $38 billion over the past two years, to increase capacity and deploy coverage based on the 850 MHz spectrum, which offers improved capacity and in-building coverage. Finally, Seth points to AT&T’s ongoing work to deploy technology to improve data transfer speeds and the expansion of 3G to additional markets.

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