Augen Gentouch tablet get a mixed review

Augen Gentouch budget tablet is now available at Kmart stores and also worth the money but we the Apple iPad lovers definitely will have an hesitation to go for the device even it is budget-priced.

Recently Kmart reportedly bailed on offering the Android-powered iPad clone Gentouch by Augen, but now the retail giant is stocking the tablet. The price is certainly attractive at $169.99. The device has a 7” screen with 800 pixel wide resolution for full width web browsing and an 800 Mhz CPU. Users report the Gentouch is fine for e-mail, reading books, watching videos and playing games.

For now we don’t expect most of the apps available for iPad to be ready to run on this tablet as the Android market is still pretty limited. Hope to see more in future.

[Via- Kmart sites]

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