Australian teenager pleads guilty to cyber-crime charge

The Australian Teenager, whose name has been withheld for Legal reasons, has pleaded ‘guilty’ to hacking Apple’s server after the company’s authorities were notified of such intrusion. The Melbourne school boy, faced the allegations in an Australian children’s court on Thursday, he was said to have hacked into Apple’s secure Network severally.

Although the details of the case is still quite fuzzy. The teenager was said to have started hacking at age 16. And his hacking activities included; accessing ‘authorized keys’ for specific users that granted Login access to them and also downloading secure files in tens of gigabytes.

Meanwhile, while hacking into Apple’s servers, it was said that the boy had hid his identity using various methods which includes “computerized tunnels” . However Apple was swift to detect the intrusion in their servers, there by making sure to block it’s source.
The company had involved the FBI subsequently and they in turn got the Australian federal police involved who in turn issued a warrant at the family home.

As a result of the warrant (raid) carried out in the family home last year, the prosecutor said it had turned up a ‘litany of hacking files’ which were found on a laptop, hard-drive and even a mobile phone with a matching IP address of the unauthorized source.

The teen’s lawyer said the teen is a fan of Apple whose dream is to work for the company. However some of the details of his case were asked not to be disclosed because the boy is said to be ‘popular’ in the hacking community as he could be at risk provided if the details of his case is disclosed.

The court ended after his case was adjourned till next month for his sentence after the court magistrate had acknowledged his guilty plea.