iBookstore Coming To Brazil

iBookstore has been helpful to students and teacher in United States. Now it is set to help Brazilian students in academics.

Developer iAd Revenue Share Now 70%

According to online reports, app developers would now receive 70% revenue generated by iAds in their application. Previously they received 60% revenue. Now it is a 10% increase from their previous arrangement.

98% Users Satisfied With Their New iPad

Some people are excited because they own the new iPad, while some people are disappointed to see the technical issues in the latest tablet from Apple. It is important for Apple to know whether new iPad actually lives up to the expectations of users or whether it is all hype and no substance.Obviously a survey…

Negative Publicity Received By The New iPad

Today, every person who is fascinated with Apple products wants to own a New iPad because of all the hype, it is the talk of the town despite all the negative publicity that it is receiving.

iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Released For Apple TV 2

Nowadays everybody following jail breaking news excepts whether the new jail breaking tweak can jail break the new iPad or add something new to iOS 5.1. At this moment if you see a new jail break for Apple TV, you must be curious to know what it is about.