Estimate The Cost Of All Loans And Credits With iCreditRate [REVIEW]

For every business, investment is needed. Today, many businessmen take loans to invest and a good businessman would always plan how costly the loan he has taken can be how should he repay the loan. Thus, obviously, if you are a smart businessman, you would want to estimate the cost of loan and credit.

New Siri Ad Featuring Martin Scorsese

Apple wants to hype Siri of iPhone 4S as if it is a hot favorite with celebrities. That is why, after commercials featuring Samuel L Jackson, Zooey Deschanel and John Malkovich, Apple is back with a celebrity advertisement.

Rumored HDTV From Apple Intimidating ‘Smart TV’ Makers?

Apple is yet to confirm the existence of plans to enter the connected High Definition Television (HDTV) market. However, if Apple really intends to introduce an HDTV set, the mere thought of such intention is apparently enough to freak out other makers of so-called smart TVs.