US Judge Tosses Proview’s American Suit Against Apple

In the legal dispute involving Apple and Chinese company Proview, the biased judiciary and government have been supporting Proview’s unfair and false claims due to their perverted sense of patriotism. Apple is a lone warrior in a battle where whole system is corrupt.

Apple Tries To Appease Proview With A Settlement Figure

For months, lawyers representing Apple and bankrupt monitor vendor Proview have been trying to negotiate a way out of a high-stake trademark dispute which has been preventing the launch of the new iPad in the 1.33 billion people China market.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple Over iTunes ‘Double-Billing’ Customers

Apple is facing a new class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed last week, accused Apple of double billing customers for purchases made via iTunes. New York resident Robert Herskowitz filed the suit. He alleged that Apple charged him twice for purchasing the pop song single “Whataya Want from Me?” by Adam Lambart.

BlackBerry Maker RIM Behind Anti Apple Campaign

Desperate times, call for desperate measures. With BlackBerry’s prospects for a profitable future are falling faster than ever, it comes as little surprise that its makers Research In Motion (RIM) will do just about anything these days to gain some attention and generate some sales.

Apple Considered Using Physical Keyboard For iPhone

In a recent interview with The Verge, the former Apple executive Tony Fadell has revealed that at one point, Apple narrowed down the original design of the iPhone to three prototypes before introducing the phone in January 2007.