Is Apple Losing Out On its Own Hype?

Apple, on Tuesday reported its earnings for the third Quarter, in which it sold 26 million iPhones. This is less than the expected 28 to 29 million considering that it sold around 35 million units of iPhone in the second Quarter. Analysts believe that this is because of the hype that was created by rumors…

Apple vs. Rest Of The World

For the past few years we have witnessed a series of patent infringement cases involving same old companies with other different parties such as, Google vs. Apple, Apple vs. Samsung, Apple vs. Kodak etc. According to a recent study from Kanzatec IP group, Apple is involved in 60% of all the major mobile patent suits.

How Apps Revolutionized Marketing Strategies?

Before Apps were introduced there were many marketing strategies available for companies. Marketing strategies such as internet, websites, e-mail marketing, TV-Advertisements, Billboards etc. As soon as companies get ready with their products, they will shift their entire focus on marketing strategies that are customer centric.

Battle With Your Friends – Pocket Nation [Review]

Have you ever played Counter Strike on PC? Pocket Nation reminds you of this game. Similar to Counter Strike, in Pocket Nation, you can battle with your friends but also you can take their home, bombard their bunkers with Drones and destroy Empire State Building.

Top Apple Related Kickstarter Projects

Are you bored with following the same routine of pursuing venture capital firms for your initial funding? Are you frustrated with constant “NO” that you are hearing from those venture capital executives after showing them your presentations for hours? Do you want the initial amount of funding without letting money matters affect your business? If…

Nom Nom Monkey Game [Review]

Nom Nom Monkey is a game which shows us that how a simple game can easily win your heart. There is nothing which you can say is complex in this game.

Play Mindblowing Word Game With Your Friends [Review]

Smart Phone gamers have been turning towards many word games lately. After the success of word games like Draw Something and Word With Friends have made that possible. Well, there is a new word game in the scene – Can’t Say That.